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Mt. Hood National Forest Fire Info and Closures Related to Dollar Lake Fire and Mother Lode Fire Updated 9-28-11 2:00 p.m.

View of Dollar Lake Fire

Dollar Lake Fire

To view current information about the Dollar Lake Fire please go to www.inciweb.org

An Area Closure is still in effect on Mt. Hood National Forest due to the Dollar Lake Fire, but the size of the Area Closure has been reduced.  However, some trails remain closed.

The following campgrounds are now open:

  • Kinnikinnick Campground at Laurance Lake,
  • TillyJane Campground,
  • Cloud Cap Campground.

Forest Road 3512 to Cloud Cap Inn is now open

Link to Dollar Lake Fire Area Closure

Link to Dollar Lake Fire Area Closure Map

Forest Road 18, known as the the Lolo Pass Road is now open  along its entire length. 

All sections of the Pacific Crest Trail located on Mt. Hood National Forest and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation are now open. 

The trails to Ramona Falls and Burnt Lake are now open.  

 The following major trails remain closed:

  • Mazamas Trail #625
  • Vista Ridge Trail #626
  • Elk Cove Trail #631
  • Pinnacle Ridge Trail #630
  • Timberline Trail #600 from the Eliot Branch crossing near Cloud Cap northwest to its terminus at McNeil Point Trail #627

The Mother Lode Fire  is estimated to be 2115 acres in size and is still active g in a remote area near Mother Lode Mountain.  To view information about the Mother Lode Fire, please go to www.inciweb.org

Bagby Hot Springs and Forest Roads 63 and 70 are now open.

The entire Bull of the Woods Wilderness Area and associated trails are closed due to the Mother Lode Fire and are expected to remain closed through the winter.   

In addition, two campgrounds located outside and south of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness Area are also closed as a precautionary measure.  Elk Lake Campground and the Dispersed Camping Area at Dunlap Lake are also Closed.   Forest Road 4697 is also closed.

Please see Area Closure Order and Map to view area and trails which are closed due to the Mother Lode Fire.

The Bull of the Woods Wilderness Area and the following trails are closed due to the Mother Lode Fire.  The wilderness area and trails are expected to remain closed throughout the winter.

Elk Creek Trail #559, Mother Lode Trail #558,  Dickey Creek Trail #553, Bagby Trail #554 above the hot springs at the wilderness boundary, Twin Lake Trail #573, Pansy Lake Trail #551, Bull of the Woods #550, Welcome Lakes Trail #554, Whetstone Trail #546 from Road 7020 to Bagby Trail #544, and Battle Axe Mountain Trail #3340.