Boulder Ranger District Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Forest Service. Within Roosevelt National Forest, volunteers provide immeasurable benefits to the land, dedicating hundreds of hours of service each year. There are multiple opportunities for volunteers both indoors and out. You can participate in a one-time project, serve over several months or year-round in various programs. Every person who donates their time makes a significant contribution to our public lands.

Information Center Host

An up-front, personal, and fun volunteer job available year-round. Spend a few hours each week helping visitors and staff at the Boulder Ranger District Office in Boulder, Colo. This front-line volunteer position mainly consists of assisting visitors stopping at or phoning this office for information. Often fast-paced, every day is a unique opportunity to educate the public about our national forest lands. The position allows you to interact with staff, take part in special projects, and learn about the Forest Service. For more information, please contact Elaine Wells.

Volunteer Programs and Partners:

Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance
The Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance (IPWA) is a nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to preserving the Indian Peaks and James Peak Wilderness Areas. IPWA does this through visitor education, information gathering and trail rehabilitation projects. Benefits include free overnight camping permits, a Forest Service Volunteer hat and a khaki shirt, and the satisfaction of helping to protect these heavily-used wilderness areas. To find out more, please visit the IPWA website at

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and Volunteers of Outdoor Colorado
The Wildlands Restoration Volunteers  is a Boulder-based volunteer group with annual Ecosystem Restoration projects on National Forest and other public lands. Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado provides hands-on volunteer opportunities for Coloradoans to help protect, enhance, restore, and preserve our state’s natural resources. These organizations need your help!  To find out more about their organization and schedule of projects, visit their websites.

Volunteer Projects:

Annual Lefthand Canyon Cleanup
The Trailridge Runners Four-wheel Drive Club sponsors an annual trash clean-up in the Lefthand Canyon OHV area. To find out more, visit Trailridge Runners' website at

Key Contacts

Boulder Ranger District

Elaine Wells, Visitor Information Services

Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Kristy Wumkes, Volunteer Coordinator

Clear Creek Ranger District

Visitor Information Services

Pawnee National Grassland District

Visitor Information Services

Sulphur Ranger District

Visitor Information Services