Road/Area Closures & Delayed Openings

Conditions change quickly, check with the ranger district office in the area you plan to visit to get the most current information about National Forest System Roads (NFSRs). District-specific information is listed below in alphabetical order by District.

Closures and Delayed Openings happen for many reasons, some for safety while crews work to remove hazard trees, some due to weather and others due to damage, repairs or maintenance. When you are in the National Forest always watch for falling trees.

Check MBRTB Special Orders, for special orders which may pertain to the closures/delayed openings below.


Brush Creek-Hayden Ranger District

(updated 01/20/2017)  

  • Forest Road 409, Upper Blackhall Road, remains closed from Forest Road 404 to the top of Blackhall Mountain;  see Forest Order MBRTB-2016-288 for details and map.                                                                    

Douglas Ranger District

(updated 10/26/16)

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

  • On Aug. 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible from most of the Laramie Peak unit and it is anticipated to bring in significant visitors to the region.  The Thunder Basin National Grassland is out of the primary path of the eclipse but is expected to have some dispersed campers.
  • Laramie Peak campgrounds are first come, first serve and are limited to 14 days.  Dispersed camping is available for up to 16 days.  In most areas, vehicles are limited to pulling off the road up to two car lengths and in select areas (see Motor Vehicle Use Map) up to 300’ from the roadway with the restriction no habitat damage occurs and you cannot use closed roads or trails.  Further restrictions on camping locations are available in the Dispersed camping guidelines.
  • Visitors are reminded that not all roads/trails on GPS/maps are open for public access, please consult the Motor Vehicle Use Map for the area you are in.

Laramie Peak unit

  • Esterbrook, Friend Park, Curtis Gulch, and Campbell Creek Campgrounds have been closed for the season and will reopen in May.  The campsites may still be used without fees, but water and trash services are not available.  The vault toilet is available for use. 
  • La Prele Guard Station is closed for the season and will reopen in May.

As of 10/26/2016, road repairs have been completed with the following exceptions:

  • FS 658 La Bonte Canyon Road has a temporary road surface installed and is open for public use.  However, the road is narrower and not recommended for heavy loads.  A bridge will be installed in the future.
  • Arapaho Trail (Forest Road 640) has deep ruts and mud tracks and it is not recommended for travel at this time.  Users have been illegally leaving the road bed causing multiple tracks (braiding) and unapproved routes, which is creating issues for future use.  Additionally, the damage is not limited to public land, as users have continued on to private land/roads, not included in the Motor Vehicle Use Map.

Thunder Basin National Grassland

  • Conditions in many places are ROUGH - Drive SLOW.
  • In the mining areas, County Roads 4 and 30 have been relocated and are not accurately depicted on current maps. Do not rely on the map to determine your location. Use a GPS and/or web based mapping solutions to determine your current location.

Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District

  • Road closures during logging operations:
    • The 303 road series in the Harrison Creek area of Rabbit Ears Pass.
    • FSR 511 in Crane Park area.

Laramie Ranger District

  • June logging activities include: NFSR 898 & NFSR 516 Pelton Re-offer T.S. & Sixmile Stewardship.  Expect to encounter log trucks and active operations in this area. Expect delays in active operation areas.  No road closures are currently planned on these sales.
  • FS Roads 553 and 588 are closed by Emergency Special Order due to excessive resource damage.


 Parks Ranger District


  • Forest Road 792 is closed due to a washed culvert.
  • Forest Road 213.2A also has a washed out culvert and is not passable.
  • Please call the Parks Ranger District at 970-723-2700 for current conditions.


  • Access to Forest Road 792 is not accessible from Forest Road 740 at this time due to a culvert washout

Please call the district for current updates:  970-723-2700, after hours press 5 during the message for the Parks Ranger District Roads and Recreation Hotline.


Yampa Ranger District

For current conditions in all areas please call the Yampa Ranger District before planning your visit. (970) 638-4516