Final CFLRP Proposal

Final Selway-Middle Fork Clearwater Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP) Proposal

The Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 created the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program.  Through it the Secretary of Agriculture can request up to $40 million annually to fund science-based restoration projects on high priority landscapes.

The Clearwater Basin Collaborative and Nez Perce and Clearwater National Forests collaborated to produce a comprehensive restoration strategy for the 1.4-million-acre Selway-Middle Fork ecosystem in north-central Idaho.  It was selected as one of ten projects in the nation eligible to receive up to $4 million annually for ten years.

Information regarding the Selway-Middle Fork project and progress in implementation is posted at this location.

For additional information about the program nationally, go to:




Restoration Area

Vicinity Map

Key Contacts

Forest Planner
Zach Peterson
Office: 208-935-4239
Fax: 208-935-4275

Jennie Fischer
Phone: (208) 983-4048
Fax: (208) 983-4099

Mike Ward
Phone: (208) 926-6413
Fax: (208) 926-6450  

RFA Coordinator
Diana Jones
Phone: (208) 476-8239
Fax: (208) 476-8329