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Pike Hotshots - 2012

The USDA Forest Service, Pike Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) is a twenty person wildland fire crew. The crew is based in Monument, Colorado on the Pike National Forest. The nation has over 113 Hotshot crews and the Pike is one of five in Colorado.

Superintendent:  Tom Allbright

Foreman:  David Smallman

Contact Phone: 719-488-1242

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Mission Statement

Core Values


Superintendent's Roll






The mission of the Pike IHC is to provide a safe, professional, organized, motivated, and cost effective resource for wildland fire, natural resource management and all-risk incidents.

Core Values

  •  Professional:  our conduct will epitomize professional wildland firefighters on and off the fireline.
  •  Proud:  we honor our past by striving to uphold the legacy given to us and by seeking constant improvement.
  •  Principled:  every member of our crew will use integrity to guide every decision and every action.


History - Serving Since 1962

The Pike Interagency Hotshot Crew began almost 50 years ago (1962) as the Roosevelt Inter-Regional Fire Suppression Crew (IR Crew). From its beginning the crew went through several duty station and name changes detailed below.


  •  1962 – The Roosevelt IR Crew begins in Fort Collins, Colorado on the Roosevelt National Forest. The crew utilized a CSU Fraternity house for quarters.
  •  1969 – The Pike National Forest Supervisor's Office becomes the new home for the crew accordingly renamed the Pike IR Crew. The crew was housed during this time at Fort Carson Military Base.
  •  1973 – The Pike IR Crew transfers to the Pikes Peak Ranger District on the Pike National Forest in Woodland Park, Colorado.
  •  1979 – The Monument Nursery, now the Monument Fire Center (MFC), becomes the duty station for the Pike IR Crew. The Pike is based at the MFC to this day.
  •  1980 -- The Pike IR Crew becomes the Pike Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) to comply with the national name transition.


Superintendent's Roll

Alissa Roeder:  2007 - 2011

Shane Greer:  1998 - 2006

Tim Foley:  1986 - 1997

Gasper Blea:  1985

Dan Robinson:  1983 - 1984

Brett Acres:  1982

Chris Bandy:  1974 - 1981

Glenn Scott:  1962 - 1973

Acting Supts: Bob Ayotte, Mike Alexander, Paul Gleason, Matt Valdez, Bill Frede, Dave Griffin, Bruce Haflich


Duties of the Pike Hotshots

The primary mission of the Pike IHC is wildland fire operations. Secondary missions are disaster assistance and resource management. The crew travels throughout the U.S. and internationally to meet these missions.

Wildland fire operations include support to large fire incidents, and initial attack on local districts. Common duties include line construction, burnout operations, mop-up, monitoring, and rehabilitation. Duties related to disaster assistance include hurricane, flood, and other emergency support. Tasks in support of resource management include all aspects of prescribed fire (plan writing, layout, implementation), timber stand improvement, hazardous fuels reduction, trail maintenance / construction, range improvements, recreation site cleanup, etc.

The crew can work as one unit, or split up into smaller squads to accomplish these tasks. The crew structure, experience, and vehicle configuration facilitate Crew (1 twenty-person unit), Module (2 ten-person units), and Squad (3 six-person units) configurations.


Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the cornerstone of successful Hotshots. If you can't keep up with us, you won't come out with us. Pike IHC places special emphasis on hiking.

All crewmembers are required to pass a physical fitness test measured by the pack test. This test requires individuals to carry a 45 lb pack over a flat, 3 mile course in 45 minutes or less.

The Pike IHC maintains a demanding physical training (PT) program. When not on fire assignment, the crew spends one-two hours daily on strength and endurance building PT. Examples include:

  •  Full gear power hikes
  •  3-6 mile runs
  •  Weight training / Calisthenics / Obstacle Course

Regular testing is done to monitor crewmembers' fitness levels. Testing is done for 1.5 mile run, 1 minute push-ups, 1 minute situps, and max pull-ups. Yearly and all-time crew records are kept.


All-Time Pike Fitness Records

  •  1.5 mile:     7:05    N. Wendland
  •  Pullups:    41      N. Wendland
  •  Pushups:  113    L. Austin
  •  Situps:     75      J. Edwards



Being a Pike Hotshot requires a high level of commitment during the fire season. Our season begins in late April and ends in the beginning of October or November. Pike IHC averages approximately 100 days on assignment away from home every fire season.

While on assignment, the crew is together 24 hours a day. Not only do crewmembers work together, but they also eat, rest, and travel as one unit. Consequently, teamwork, camaraderie, and flexibility are a must especially when the crew is mentally and physically taxed from long, arduous shifts.

When the crew is available, but not on an assignment, every crewmember is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the crew receives a resource order during normal work hours, the crew will leave immediately. When an order is received during non-work hours, all crewmembers must respond to the MFC within two hours. This requirement limits personal travel even on days off.