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Misson Statement

To provide an advanced training academy for students to refine their driving skills in a variety of environments, become more proficient in pumping operations on all types of engines and portable pumps,  maintain fire apparatus to Agency standards, and provide the home unit a comprehensive and objective evaluation of their employees.

About the Academy

The Southwest Engine Academy (SWEA) is an intense 80-hour course designed to expose the student to all aspects of wildland engine operations with an emphasis on practical application and testing. This is an interagency effort and participation from all federal land management agencies is encouraged. A passing grade will be 80% or higher. Points will be accumulated from a combination of both written and practical tests and students can be expected to spend after-hours studying for upcoming tests. Students are required to wear agency uniforms while at the academy (no crew tees or hats) and maintain a professional attitude.

The SWEA Cadre

The Southwest Engine Academy cadre is a committed and dedicated group with a wealth of fire experience and knowledge on various types of wildland fire apparatus.  Diverse levels of operations are represented throughout the cadre, from lead firefighters up to fire management officers.  All cadre members must pass the academy before becoming eligible to return as a mentor. If you are interest in becoming a SWEA cadre member please fill out and submit a cadre nomination at any time.

A Message from the Director of Fire and Aviation Management Southwest Region:

"The Southwest Engine Academy is recognized nationally for its excellence in developing leadership skills and practical knowledge in the use of engines while performing in wildfire situations. The Academy is designed to allow fire professionals to achieve proficiency in all areas of engine and driving operations. The Academy cadre is made up of past graduates of the academy and fire management leaders who represent the best from the agency’s engine captains, engineers, and fire leadership. Great pride is taken in our best instructors offering one of the premiere training programs within the wildland fire community. I am pleased that Region 3 can offer this high-quality training opportunity and I fully endorse this program. I expect that all employees involved in engine operations should include the Southwest Engine Academy in their training plans. Participants come away with greater confidence and an enhanced ability to be safe and successful. You are the future fire management leaders; this program will provide you an opportunity to further your career in fire management. Thanks for visiting the Southwest Engine Academy. Your participation is important to the professionalism of our fire organization."

Bill Van Bruggen
Director of Fire and Aviation Management Southwestern Region

Key Contacts

Fire Program Contacts

Fire Hire

Karin Frost-Madrid
Regional Work Force Planning and Training Specialist
USDA Forest Service, Region 3

333 Broadway Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Office: (505)842-3206
Fax: (505)842-3806

Southwest Engine Academy

Mat Rau
SWEA Coordinator

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