Fire Procurement


Region 6 Fire & Aviation Contracting Team:

Redmond Air Center
1740 S.E. Ochoco Way
Redmond, OR 97756

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Nathan Sabo, Supervisory Contract Specialist
Kirsten Donelson, Contract Specialist
Kevin Toombs, Contract Specialist
Jan Drum, Purchasing Agent  

Region 6 Contract Operations:

Katie Mergel,  FAM Program Specialist Contract Operations FEPP/FFP  
Office: 541.504.7339  Mobile: 541.589.2175  
Ron George, Contract Operations Specialist
Office: 541.504.7376  Mobile: 503.467.1824  
Neil Austin, Contract Operations Resource Specialist 
Office: 541.504.7340  Mobile: 503-459-2548


Vendor Resources:

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Contract Operations:

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Finance, Contracting Officer and Buying Team Resources:

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Dispatch Resources:

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Inspector & Performance Resources:

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Current Competitive VIPR Agreements:

Below is the list of current VIPR agreements, contracting officers for each agreement, the year the agreement was awarded and the year the agreement is scheduled to be re-solicited.

Solicitation/Equipment Type Contracting Officer Year Awarded Scheduled New Solicitation Year
Potable/Gray Water Trucks and Trailer Mounted Handwashing Trailers Nathan Sabo 2018 2021
Chippers Nathan Sabo 2018 2021
Misc Logging Equipment Jeanne Williams 2018 2021
Heavy Equipment Jeanne Williams 2017 2020
Mechanics with Service Truck(s) Nathan Sabo 2017 2020
Fuel Tenders Nathan Sabo 2017 2020
Kevin Toombs 2017 2020
Vehicles with Drivers Nathan Sabo 2017 2020
Refrigerated Trailers Nathan Sabo 2016 2019
Weed Washing Units Jeanne Williams 2016 2019
Heavy Equipment with Water Jeanne Williams 2016 2019
Water Handling (Engines & Tenders)  Jeanne Williams 2016 2019

Ambulance & EMT Agreements:

Contracting Officer:  Kevin Toombs

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