Barton Flats Visitor Center

The Barton Flats Visitor Center is the center of activities for the campgrounds in the area.  Informal programs are presented with display animals from the San Bernardino County Museum. The Barton Flats area is home to over 20 organizational camps that attract up to 30,000 campers every year. San Gorgonio Wilderness Association (SGWA) members develop and present interpretive programs for over a thousand children each year. Nature walks and interpretive programs are also presented to campers from the four area family campgrounds on summer weekends. One of the most popular programs for the last three years has been an informal astronomy presentation, giving campers a chance to peek at the heavens without the city pollution.   The area offers unique views of the Sand to Snow National Monument.

In the late 1970's, the Forest Service closed the Barton Flats Visitor Center. In 1986, the Defenders reopened the Visitor Center, and a year later the SGWA took over the responsibility of caring for the Center and its visitors -- which continues to this day. The Center is totally staffed by volunteers and serves up to 10,000 visitors each summer.

Be sure to come by and visit the annual Forest Festival held in mid-August. Smokey Bear provides a warm welcome to up to 1000 visitors. This is a day for the public to get a taste of the Forest. Volunteers provide camping and fishing tips, puppet shows, and crafts. One of the most popular activities involves helping youngsters use a crosscut saw to create a 'tree cookie' that is then branded with both a Forest Service and Smokey logo.

The Barton Flats Visitor Center is staffed and operated by the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association.

Office Hours: (Closed for the Winter)

Open seasonally Memorial Day through mid-October

We are located  on State Highway 38, 7 miles east of Angelus Oaks, nestled above the Santa Ana River and below the San Gorgonio Wilderness, and gateway to the Sand to Snow National Monument.

Mailing Address:

Barton Flats Visitor Center c/o
San Gorgonio Ranger Station
34701 Mill Creek Road
Mentone, CA 92359

(909) 794-4861 (voice)
(TDD/TTY dial (800) 735-2922)

The Barton Flats Visitor Center provides the following services to the public

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