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2003 BAER: Aerial Seeding and Straw Mulching

From mid-July to late-August 2003, the U.S. Forest Service will conduct a second phase of Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) activities in specific geographic areas throughout the Hayman Fire burn area.

Partial Re-Opening of Hayman Burn Area!

Closure Order #03-04, signed July 18, 2003, remains in effect. The decision to reopen any current closed roads in the Hayman Burn Area will not occur until after the completion of the Hayman Roads Travel Management Project EA at the end of September 2004. Implementation of reopening closed roads won't likely occur until the summer of 2005.

Closure of Hayman - 

Impacted campgrounds considered  

Camping Safety Reminder

When camping this summer, be aware of your surroundings. Set up camp away from dead trees that can fall over in high winds. Photo

Morel Mushroom Gathering 

Information on volunteer assistance
is being coordinated by the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP). If you would like to offer your help or learn of opportunities this year, please call the office at 1-800-420-9110 (719-788-0033) or you can sign up on the internet at http://www.uppersouthplatte.org


Interesting Notes...

The Hayman fire was named for "Hayman" site near Tappan Gulch, at the fire's origin.


map - showing the areas of the Hayman Burn Intensity


Not only was the Hayman fire the largest in Colorado history, but it was also one of the most severe with respect to burn intensity.  The fire grew rapidly and burned 'hotter' destroying structures, vegetation and wildlife in its path.  The map (left) shows the burn area and the 'burn severity' of various areas of the Hayman fire. Click on the image for a larger map.



Quick Facts

Location: North of Lake George involving Park, Jefferson, Douglas and Teller Counties.
Lat: 39° 2' 59"  Long: 105° 25' 45"
Date of Origin: 6/8/02, reported at 4 PM MDT
Size: 137,760 acres
Cause: Human Caused
Contained: 7/2/2002
Controlled:  7/18/2002
Structures Lost: 600
-Residences: 133
-Commercial: 1
-Outbuildings: 466
Cost to Date: $39,100,000
NOTE:  The Hayman fire is the largest in Colorado's history.


What's New

Decision Notice/Finding of No Significant Impact for Hayman Fire Roads Management Project Environmental Assessment

Hayman Fire Roads Management Project (Environmental Analysis)

Hayman Travel Management Project (Roads Analysis Project)

Hunter Safety Information

Flood Safety Information

Hayman Fire Area Opening

Hayman Road Analysis Project

Hayman Fire Timber Salvage Sale Environmental Assessment




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