Invasive Species, Noxious Weeds & Aquatic Nuisance

Musk Thistle There are several species of noxious weeds (invasive) in the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota and Wyoming. Four to five species have been prioritized for treatment due to potential of spread. 

Noxious weeds invade disturbed areas where mineral soil is exposed such as timber sales, landings, temporary roads, burn piles and other construction sites. Livestock grazing, recreation use and other activities can also promote weed growth and spread.

Many noxious weed species have no natural enemies and are not palatable to grazing animals. Left untreated, weeds can continue to spread, resulting in establishment of new weed populations. They are also aggressive invaders of natural plant communities that reduce forage available for wildlife and livestock. 

Preventing the introduction and spread of noxious weeds is a main objective on the Forest and other lands. An interagency Conservation Leaders group, including Forest specialist, counties, other agencies, private and industry are working together to combat the presence and spread of weed populations.

Currently, the Forest treats an approximate 4,000 acres per year.

There are also ways the public can help prevent the spread of invasive weeds on the Black Hills National Forest.

Officials said recreational vehicles, such as two or four-wheel drive vehicles, ATV’s, bicycles, or motorcycles can bring weed seeds and plant parts onto the Forest from other sources. Officials encourage users to inspect and clean motorized and mechanized trail vehicles of weeds and seeds before recreating.

If visiting from out of area, it is also recommended that you wash your vehicles prior to returning home. This will help prevent your yards or other properties from becoming infested by invasive weeds.


Invasive Weed Training BHIPP Priority Listing Weeds

Black Hills National Forest Weed Pictures



Canada Thistle - Known Areas

Common Tansy - Known Areas

Houndstongue - Known Areas

Leafy Spurge - Known Areas

Musk Thistle - Known Areas

Other Species - Known Areas

Spotted Knapweed - Treated Areas

St. Johnswort - Known Areas


United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

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