Final Wilderness Plan and EIS

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April 20,2001

The Inyo and Sierra National Forests have released the Record of Decision (ROD), Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Wilderness Management Plan for the Ansel Adams, John Muir and Dinkey Lakes Wildernesses. This culminates a decade of wilderness planning in these areas. This planning process included over 100 meetings and nearly 4000 comments received on the draft and revised draft Environmental Impact Statements. This decision was made after careful review of public comments on the Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

We have incorporated many suggestions submitted to us during the comment period on the Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Printed copies of the Record of Decision (ROD), Wilderness Management Plan and map, will be mailed to those who request copies when we receive them from the printers, hopefully in early May.

Thank you for your interest in this effort.

Forest Supervisor
Sierra National Forest
Forest Supervisor
Inyo National Forest
For further information please contact:
Mary Beth Hennessy
Inyo National Forest
351 Pacu Lane, Suite 200
Bishop, CA 93514
Martie Schramm
Sierra National Forest
1600 Tollhouse Road
Clovis, CA 93612

All files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or better to view.


Executive Summary

Record of Decision

Wilderness Management Plan


Chapter 1 : Purpose and Need (07/09)

Chapter 2 : Alternatives (07/09)

Chapter 3 : Affected Environment (07/09)

Chapter 4 : Environmental Consequences (07/09)

Chapter 5 : List of Preparers (07/09)

Chapter 6 : List of Agencies Copies Sent (07/09)

Chapter 7 : Glossary (07/09)

Chapter 8 : References (07/09)

Chapter 9 : Acronyms (07/09)





Appendix A : Land and Resource Management Plan Direction (07/12)

Appendix B : Forest Orders (07/12)

Appendix C : Trails Inventory (07/12)

Appendix D : Needs Assessment (07/12)

Appendix E : Rangeland Capability and Suitability Analysis (07/12)

Appendix F : Ecological State and Transition of Rangelands (07/12)

Appendix G : Packstock Management Guide (07/12)

Appendix H : Inventory and Monitoring Strategy (07/12)  

Appendix I : Wilderness Use Data (07/12)

Appendix J : Biological Assessment/Biological Evaluation (07/12)

Appendix K : Facilities (07/12)

Appendix L : Quota Rationale (07/12)

Appendix M : Response to Comment (07/12)

Appendix N : Application of University of Arizona Study (07/12)