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Information regarding fire-related events occurring in the Northern Rockies area is available from a variety of online resources. From interactive maps, current fire situation reports, and fire plans, to helpful wildland fire prevention tips and suggestion, an array of fire management resources is available.

Stretching through five states, the region is home to 12 national forests and a national grassland. This fire page offers links to individual forests with relevant fire management links and background information on the forests/grassland, the region and national fire events.

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A new public web site, Inciweb ( ), has been created to communicate wildland fire information in the Northern Rockies during the wildland fire season. The Northern Rockies includes Montana, Idaho, North Dakota and Northwest South Dakota.

As residents and visitors enjoy summer, fire management organizations want the public to easily know what fire restrictions and closures may be in place. Fire restrictions and closures can also be found at

Please be fire safe as you work and recreate outdoors!


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The Northern Rockies Coordination Center (NRCC)

The Northern Rockies Coordination Center (NRCC) website offers current information regarding wildland fire incidents, current situation reports and logistics as well as detailed incident information on any wildland fire in the Northern Rockies Region. The site also offers specific information on any wildland closures or restrictions which may be in effect.


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The National Interagency Fire Center

National Interagency Fire Center is hosting the National Fire News Page web site, a new service to provide the public access to current wildland fires by state, daily stats, year-to-date information, averages and more. The site is structured in an easy-to-navigate style, with national, state and incident (individual fire) level pages. This is a national support center for wildland firefighting.

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The Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group (GeoMAC)

The Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group (GeoMAC) website features detailed maps of wildland fire throughout the nation. The site offers interactive mapping abilities as well as links to individual fire data and reports. Maps available on this site are helpful for those seeking to view them on their personal computer screen.


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The Northern Rockies Coordination Group (NRCG)

The Northern Rockies Coordination Group (NRCG) is established to provide an interagency approach to wildland fire management and all-risk support on all land ownerships within the States of Montana, North Dakota, northern Idaho, and a small portion of South Dakota and Wyoming. The purpose of NRCG is to further interagency cooperation, communications, coordination, and to provide interagency fire management direction and all-risk support for the Northern Rockies Geographic Area.


More web sites for your information:

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Six Minutes for Safety

The Federal Fire and Aviation Safety Team (FFAST) enncourages every fire program to become involved in Six Minutes for Safety. This is the first interagency safety initiative that, on a daily basis, addresses the high risk situations that historically get our people in trouble. The fire community continuously works to find new ways to keep our people safe on the fireline, and we think this new initiative will have a tremendous positive impact.

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Fire Hire

The Great Northern Fire Crew began as a new concept in fire training and development and recruitment during the 2001 fire "season." The Great Northern Fire Crew is a means to bring together firefighters and leaders for the future of the fire organization.


National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) is the nationwide clearinghouse for information on current wildland fire status and national situation reports.

Fire Leadership - National Training Site

Interagency Hotshot Crews

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