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Hoover Wilderness

[Photo] Hoover Wilderness Area near Bridgeport, CaliforniaBordering Yosemite National Park along the Pacific Crest and falling away to the Great Basin to the east, the Hoover Wilderness is a spectacular piece of the Sierras. Soaring peaks, glistening lakes and lush meadows are just some of its awesome spectacles. The headwaters of the East Walker River can also be found in the creeks of the Hoover Wilderness.


Trailheads located in Virginia Creek, Green Creek, Robinson Creek, Buckeye Creek, and the Little Walker River provide access to trails within the Hoover Wilderness.

Maps and trail information are available at the Bridgeport Ranger District.

Nearest Town: Bridgeport, California

Maximum Group: 15 people & 25 head of stock, except in Sawtooth Ridge Area where it is 8 people.

Permits: Required. Hoover Wilderness Area permit applications with instructions are available.

Special Information


  • Wood campfires and stove fires (unless a stove using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized gas) are NOT ALLOWED above 9,000 feet in the Virginia and Green creeks drainages, or within ¼ mile of Barney and Peeler Lakes, or in the Sawtooth Ridge Area.
  • No camping within 1/4 mile of Barney, Red, Blue, and Big Virginia lakes. No camping within 100 ft of all other lake shores, streams, or developed trails.
  • Please store your food properly so that it cannot be obtained by bears or other wild animals. Approved canisters are the best method for storing your food.


  • No campfires are allowed
  • Maximum group size is 8 persons
  • No camping within 100 yards of established routes
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
Bridgeport Ranger District
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Bridgeport, CA 93517
(760) 932-7070

Inyo National Forest
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Bishop, CA 93514
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For more wilderness information visit Yosemite National Park's website.