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Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Motor Vehicle Use Maps - These 9 maps are legal documentation displaying the roads and trails that are open to public motor vehicle use. If a road or trail you see on the ground does not appear on the maps, it means that it is not open to public vehicular use. The maps are reviewed and updated annually.

All 9 of the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) for the Mark Twain National Forest are available for review at the Supervisor’s Office in Rolla.  Copies of individual unit maps are available, free of charge, at the district office for that unit.  Please contact the Ava Ranger District Office for maps of the Ava, Cassville, and Willow Springs units; the Eleven Point Ranger District Office in Doniphan for maps of the Eleven Point unit; the Houston Ranger District Office in Houston for maps of the Houston, Rolla, and Cedar Creek units; the Potosi Ranger District Office in Potosi or the Salem Ranger District Office in Salem for maps of the Salem/Potosi and Fredericktown units; and the Poplar Bluff Ranger District Office in Poplar Bluff for a map of the Poplar Bluff unit. 

The motor vehicle use maps are black and white single-purpose maps, and they do not provide much detail.  They are not appropriate maps for most recreation orientation use (hunters, hikers, etc.). The maps only show open roads, county lines, and a few other important features.

There are no major changes to where motorized vehicles are permitted in the Mark Twain National Forest – motor vehicles have been restricted to using only open Forest System roads and the designated motorized trail systems (Chadwick and Sutton Bluff) since the 1980s. Vehicles on roads must be in compliance with Missouri state motor vehicle regulations; motorcycles and ATVs ridden on the Chadwick and Sutton Bluff Trails must have a valid Mark Twain National Forest permit.

Existing national forest maps that show both open and closed roads, trails (hiking, biking, horseback riding, as well as the two trail systems open to motorcycles and ATVs), recreation sites, and some features outside of the National Forest boundaries are available for purchase. These maps show much greater detail than the MVUMs do.

Ava Unit dated 2018 (3m pdf format) map size 46x34 inches
Cassville Unit dated 2018 (2.7m pdf format) map size 46x34 inches
Cedar Creek Unit dated 2018 (1.6m pdf format) map size 46x34 inches
Eleven Point Unit dated 2018 (3.3m pdf format) map size 44x34 inches
Fredericktown Unit dated 2018 (2.3m pdf format) map size 46x324 inches
Houston/Rolla Unit dated 2018 (4.5m pdf format) map size 46x34 inches
Poplar Bluff Unit dated 2018 (3m pdf format) map size 46x34 inches
Salem/Potosi Unit dated 2018 (3.6m pdf format) map size 44x34 inches
Willow Springs Unit dated 2018 (1.9m pdf format) map size 46x34 inches

Please Note: The downloadable Adobe 10 PDF files are quite large.
Printing Tip: To print a section of the PDF files, zoom in to the area. Next select file, print, current view and ok.