Alerts & Notices

Public Notices

09-21-21-08 Johnson Run Helicopter Timber Sale

Prohibits public entry into the Johnson Run Helicopter Timber Sale area in Webster County.

09-21-21-03: Williams River Road (Forest Road 86)

Restricts access on and along FR 86, the Williams River Road, between the gate downstream of Laurel Run to the barricade at Highland Scenic Highway (FR 150)

09-21-20-06: Licensed Off-Highway Vehicle Use Restrictions

Prohibits use of licensed off-highway vehicles on all Forest roads.

09-21-20-09: Motor Vehicle Use Restrictions

Lists restrictions on possession and use of motor vehicles on Forest roads, trails and land.

09-21-18-28: Little Black Fork Day Use Area

Prohibits camping after sundown or before sunrise in the Little Black Fork Day Use Area located along County Route 6 north of Stuart Recreation Area.

09-21-16-01: Dispersed Camping near Anthony Creek

Restricts camping to designated sites along Anthony Road near Blue Bend area in Greenbrier County. 

09-21-13-13: Cave Closure Order

Prohibits entering, being in or using any cave on National Forest System lands within Monongahela National Forest, unless the cave is specifically posted open.

09-21-12-06: Cranberry Glades Botanical Area

Issues restrictions in Cranberry Glades Botanical Area located in Pocahontas County, WV.

09-21-12-04: Food Storage Restrictions

Outlines food storage restrictions for Gauley and Marlinton-White Sulphur Ranger Districts. These restrictions are necessary due to bear activity within these areas.

09-21-12-03: Wilderness Restrictions

Issues restrictions in Wilderness Areas throughout the Forest.

09-21-12-01: General Use Restrictions

Outlines Forest rules and restrictions related to camping, developed recreation sites, vehicle use, public nudity, boat usage, pyrotechnic devices, use of spark arresters, consumption of alcoholic beverages and use of tree stands.

09-21-12-05: Cranberry and Williams River Camping Areas

Restricts camping to designated sites and the number of vehicles at campsites in  Cranberry and Williams River areas.

09-21-12-02: Lake Sherwood and Blue Bend Area

Outlines restrictions on alcoholic beverages in Lake Sherwood and Blue Bend Recreation Areas.

21-95: Bowden Cave Closure

Closes the Bowden Cave near ceiling collapse. 

21-94: Dolly Sods Wilderness and Scenic Areas

Restricts camping and the use of fires near Dolly Sods Wilderness and Dolly Sods Scenic Area.*&ttype=list&pname=Monongahela%20National%20Forest%20-%20Alerts%20amp;%20Notices