Rutland Forest Service Office to Operate Virtually While Mendon Headquarters is Constructed

The Rutland-based headquarters (231 North Main Street) for the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest’s has transitioned to a full-time virtual work schedule which will continue until our new office is completed on U.S. Route 4 in Mendon, Vermont.

Please read the press release for more information.

A clouds hanging in a blue sky are reflected on a creek at Bourn Pond.

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The Green Mountain National Forest in western Vermont and the Finger Lakes National Forest in New York State's Finger Lakes region are Vermont's and New York's only public, federally managed national forests. Both Forests offer extensive multi-use advantages to the public, providing ecological and science-based forestry stewardship, clean water, diverse vegetation, high-value, high-quality forest products, economical and educational contributions, and trail-based backcountry recreation.


Discover your National Forest

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2021 Green Mountain National Forest Town Meeting Report

Green Mountain National Forest Town Report 2021

The employees of the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) depend heavily on support from many municipalities, volunteers, partners and contractors. Receiving several million outdoor recreation enthusiast visits annually, these visitors seek enjoyment in a natural setting while providing critical benefit to the local economies. The GMNF is proud to be a part of Vermont and your town. Forest staff work hard to achieve quality public land management under a sustainable multiple-use management concept to meet the diverse needs of the people –people in your town as well as all of the visitors who come to Vermont every year. Following is a brief summary of what happened in your National Forest throughout the past year.

Explore the Mohawk Trail Woodlands

A panoramic view of a shared stewardship success story.

The Mohawk Trail Woodlands encompasses 361,941 acres located in the Northwest corner of Massachusetts. A unique geology, calcareous wetlands, combined with rich northern forests make up a biologically diverse ecosystem. The forests are interrupted by farms and homes along mostly rural roads. Visitors are drawn to the area to hike, ski, hunt, camp, fish, and snowmobile.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A) Forest Service signed a Shared Stewardship Framework in November of 2019 under which they will partner with each other, local governments, and other stakeholders to advance the goals of the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership to conserve forests and enhance economic development in the region.

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Employees Assist with Vaccination Efforts

A toy stuffed dog gets and empty shot.

Read stories from Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests staff who have utilized their skills at mass vaccination sites this year.

Returning Robert Frost Trail to Visitors

Forest visitor Emma Austin explores the new boardwalk on the Robert Frost Trail.

Much needed repairs bring a beloved trail back to users of all abilities. 


History Abounds in National Forests

Forest Archives photo of the Queen’s Castle at Fossenvue Camp

In the Finger Lakes National Forest, you can see a history of grazing, you can see old apple orchards, and at Caywood Point you can see the women’s rights movement.

Archeologist for a Day

Heather Lash marks the perimeter of the archeological site with striped tape

In an interconnected agency like the Forest Service, it pays to spend the day in someone else’s shoes.

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