The Siuslaw National Forest is located in the western center of Oregon.
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Welcome to the Siuslaw National Forest!

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From forest floor to ocean shore the Siuslaw National Forest stretches from the lush forests of the coastal mountains to the unique Oregon Dunes and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Come, play, explore a stunning choice of things to do and see. Find out more about the Siuslaw National Forest and what we accomplished last year.


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Planning a visit to the Oregon Dunes? Share the Beach!

An illustration of a plover on a sand dune at the edge of the ocean

Beachgoers are urged to help recovery efforts of the threatened Western snowy plover by respecting nesting areas and beach restrictions March 15 through Sept. 15. Certain beaches, listed here, are known plover nesting areas. On these plover beaches, the dry sand and dunes are closed to all access, except along official trails, to protect eggs and chicks.

Large Crowds Expected for the Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Total solar eclipse

On the morning of August 21, 2017, Oregon will experience an event that hasn’t happened here since 1979. A total solar eclipse, in which the moon passes between the sun and earth obscuring the view of the sun from a few locations for a few dramatic minutes, is for many people a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In anticipation of large crowds that are expected to travel to key points in western Oregon to view the eclipse, we are in the process of developing plans to help manage an unusually large influx of visitors to the forest.

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Marys Peak

view over valley from Marys Peak with meadow and doug fir in foreground

On a clear day, from the top of the Marys Peak, the highest point in Oregon’s Coast Range, you can see both the Pacific Ocean to the west and many of the Cascade peaks to the east.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

view of Cape Perpetua with Pacific Ocean and cover

Towering trees through a coastal fog. Frothy surf crashing upon jagged shores. Majestic headlands with clear views for miles. It's all here where the forest meets the sea.


Sand Lake Recreation Area

photo of quads riding over sand at Sand Lake with haystack rock on background and Pacific Ocean

Sand Lake Recreation Area, on Oregon's North Coast, covers 1,076 acres of open sand dunes, surrounded by forests and adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. It offers a variety of recreation.

Oregon Dunes NRA

3 people sitting on a dune overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Hiking, paddling, wildlife viewing, camping, picnicking, sand play, beach access, OHV riding - the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area has it all.