Learning Center

kids learning about the forestWelcome to the Learning Center page of the Forest Service. Here you will find links to the history of the Forest Service, Just for Kids, Professional Development, Student Corner and much more. The Forest Service Learning Center is a fun one-stop page to learn about what the Forest Service offers and how to incorporate outside fun into everyday life.

What you can find on the Learning Page:

  • Just For Kids: learn about Smokey the Bear, Woodsy Owl, how to be a junior fire ranger or a junior snow ranger and how you can prevent forest fires too. Also for teachers, we offer resources that can incorporated into lesson plans for classes.
  • Forest Service History: an in-depth history lesson of the Forest Service, from its early beginning in the 19th century and how it has evolved into leading the country and the world in scientific forestry matters. Find out who our partners are and where to find a National Forest, Grasslands, and Research Stations.
  • Professional Development: offers opportunities to learn more about the Forest Service, workshops, and learning materials offered by the Forest Service and other Federal Agencies.
  • Student Corner: dedicated to learning youngsters wanting to learn about the Forest Service, the outdoors, the lives of forests and grasslands, different plants and animals, the cycle of the environment and so much more!
  • Contacts: a list of who’s who and how to reach them, from Federal Agencies to non-governmental organizations. Have a question? Stop by.
  • Educational Partners: our partners are here to inform you about everything outdoors. Find out how the Forest Service partners up with different organizations to bring you the best information about preventing fires, recreational activities, and who is conducting cutting edge research that affect our forests, grasslands, and urban environments from invasive pests, pollution, fire, water shortages, and population pressures.
  • Educator Toolbox: a research toolbox intended for teachers and educators. 

The Conservation Education program

Education in natureConservation Education (CE) is dedicated in teaching people of all ages to conserve our country’s natural resources. Conservation Education targets all groups of people and age groups through educational experiences and activities to help people realize the importance of conserving natural resources and ecosystems and how they affect each other and you. 


Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents, and community leaders working with youth from preschool through grade 12.

Plants & Animals

Learn more about different kinds of plants and animals including Fish, Plants, Wildlife, Endangered Species, and Wild Horse and Burro programs. 

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Wildland Fire Science

Fire burning part of forest

The Forest Service is the largest forestry research organization in the world.Learn how safe and effective management of wildland fire and helps inform policy makers, citizens, and partners.

Invasive Species

Invasive Bug

Invasive species have been characterized as a “catastrophic wildfire in slow motion.” Learn more about threats to our Nation’s forest and rangeland ecosystems.