Monitoring & Tools

It is essential that the Forest Service track resource conditions and human activities over time to effectively manage the Nation's forests and grasslands. The measures or indicators used for monitoring and the tools for collecting and analyzing the information will vary depending on the level of planning to which they apply. We have developed policy, direction, and guidance regarding inventory, monitoring and assessment activities to support land management on national forests and grasslands. These responsibilities apply to social, economic, and ecological resource assessment activities. In addition, we provide tools to support inventory, monitoring, and assessment activities.


  • Remote Sensing & GIS
    Applying geospatial technologies to manage the national forests and grasslands.
  • Inventory & Monitoring
    Effective monitoring produces knowledge that contributes to meaningful, timely, and wise action.
  • Protocols
    Inventory and monitoring protocols explain how data are to be collected, managed, analyzed, and reported.
  • Standard Data Management
    An approach and relevant tools to manage inventory, monitoring, and assessment data based on clear and appropriate standards for collecting, managing, using, and reporting that information.
  • Ecosystem Assessment
    Ecosystem assessment consists of gather information, integrating information, and presenting information.
  • Partnerships
    Working with partners, the Forest Service expands its capability to participate in conservation.
  • Business Modeling
    Modeling and management of the business of planning.
  • Economic Impact Analysis
    Information and data about economics and planning.
  • Landscape Dynamic Simulation Models
    The latest discussion papers and meeting proceedings related to Landscape Dynamic Simulation Modeling.
  • Natural Resource Manager (NRM)
    The Natural Resource Manager (NRM) is a system of database tools for managing Agency data across the Forest Service.