Plants & Animals

The natural communities, landscapes, and biophysical regions of your national forests and grasslands provide a wide variety of habitats for native plants and animals. Some of these plants and animals are rare, threatened, or endangered. This ecological diversity is studied and managed by our fish, plants, wildlife, wild horse and burro, and endangered species programs.



Bull trout

The National Fisheries Program assists field biologists in attaining the agency's aquatic priorities and managing aquatic resources from a healthy ecosystem perspective.



Botanists, plant ecologists, and other specialists administer the botany program on our nation’s national forests and grasslands.



We manage habitat resources from a healthy ecosystem perspective and facilitate the transfer of technology and technical information from research to field biologists.

Wild Horse & Burro

Wild horse: Curly

The Forest Service is responsible for managing the nation's wild horses and burros on National Forest System lands.

Endangered Species

Kirtlands warbler

Endangered species on National Forest System lands are managed under the National Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species (TES) Program.


Celebrating Wildflowers

Celebrating Wildflowers logo

Celebrating Wildflowers is dedicated to the enjoyment of the wildflowers growing on our national forests and grasslands, and to educating the public about the many values of native plants.

The Salmon are Running!

The Steep Creek Salmon Cam is located  in Steep Creek, near the Mendenhall Glacier Center, Juneau, Alaska. The camera provides a view of salmon moving up the creek to spawn.!ut/p/z0/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zijQwgwNHCwN_DI8zPwBcqYKBfkO2oCADIwpjI/?position=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&pname=Forest%20Service%20-%20Plants%20&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&ss=11&pnavid=null&navid=740000000000000&ttype=main&cid=null