Smokey Bear celebrating 75th birthdaySheep grazing in the forestA trick tank on the forestArizona Trail in the Saddle Mountain WildernessHistoric Hull Cabin Jumpup Nail Trail #8

Welcome to the Kaibab National Forest
   The Kaibab National Forest truly offers something for everyone.  If you are anywhere near Northern Arizona, you won't want to miss the chance to visit us! From canyons to prairies, peaks to plateaus, the Kaibab National Forest offers layers of opportunity for peace, solitude & discovery.

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Recent News


Celebrating 75 Years of a Beloved Fire-Prevention Icon

Smokey Bear at Lake with Animal Friends

While we celebrate 75 years of Smokey Bear as an integral part of the nation’s popular culture, let’s take a look back at his captivating story!

Kaibab National Forest to offer firewood permits starting May 1

Close-up of a cut pile of ponderosa pine wood

Our goal is to equip our firewood cutters with the information they need to help protect the forest’s valuable resources while also meeting their personal needs for home heating, cooking and other important purposes. Get all of the details at

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What To Expect After Forest Restoration

Forest Restoration on Williams RD 2010

After forest restoration work has been completed, the treated area may at first look disturbed, but will quickly begin to recover.

2019 Kaibab N.F. Citizen Science Project

California Patch Butterfly

Have fun visiting the forest and discover the biodiversity on the Kaibab National Forest! Learn more at


Motor Vehicle Travel Regulations on Kaibab National Forest

Motor vehicle use road in the forest

Do you know the rules regarding motor vehicle travel on Kaibab N.F.? Find the Motor Vehicle Use Map & other motorized travel tools for the district you plan to visit. 

Drones - Flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Flying drone

If you plan to fly your remote controlled plane, quadcopter, or other unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) on or over the Kaibab National Forest, there are a few things to know before you fly.!ut/p/z0/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zijQwgwNHCwN_DI8zPwBcqYKBfkO2oCADIwpjI/?position=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&pname=Kaibab%20National%20Forest-%20Home%2F&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&ss=110307&pnavid=null&navid=091000000000000&ttype=main&cid=FSE_003853