Four Forest Restoration Initiative

The overall goal of the four-forest effort is to create landscape-scale restoration approaches that will provide for fuels reduction, forest health, and wildlife and plant diversity. A key objective is doing this while creating sustainable ecosystems in the long term. Appropriately-scaled businesses will likely play a key role in the effort by harvesting, processing, and selling wood products. This will reduce treatment costs and provide restoration-based work opportunities that will create good jobs.

Fore more information, please visit the 4FRI website:

The 2007 Dutch Wildland Fire Use Fire on the Williams Ranger District. Fire managers actively managed the Dutch WFU Fire by determining the appropriate boundaries, weather conditions and fuels conditions under which it would be allowed to burn.

Key Contacts

The Forest Service has staffed a core team focused on advancing the first 4 FRI project through the collaborative process, planning and implementation.

The 4FRI Team is stationed at the Coconino National Forest Supervisor's Office, (928) 527-3600.


4FRI Stakeholder Group Logo

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