Erosion Control Grant Program

Lake Tahoe Restoration Act/Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act Erosion Control Grant Program

The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU) receives Erosion Control Grants money that provides Federal Assistance to local governments for erosion, stream restoration and sediment control projects that are located on non-Federal lands and that provide benefit to Lake Tahoe. This grant program is authorized under Section 7 of the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act (LTRA), Public Law 106-506) and administered by the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit of the U.S. Forest Service using the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number 10.690.

These funds are available to the governing bodies of political subdivisions (local government jurisdictions) within the Lake Tahoe Basin for the purpose of planning, designing,  implementing, and monitoring urban erosion control water quality treatment projects.  The funds will be allocated on a competitive basis.  


The Proposal Review Committee

A technical advisory committee will review the proposals and forward their recommendations to the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit's Forest Supervisor, Nancy Gibson, for final award allocation. 

The committee consists of representatives from the Forest Service, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, California Tahoe Conservancy, Nevada Division of State Lands, and Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, and Nevada Department of Environmental Protection. 


Submitting a Proposal

The LTBMU will administer annual grant cycles based on the timing of funds availability. Please view the LTRA Erosion Control Grant Program Announcement for the schedule for submitting a grant proposal received from the grant managers for the current cycle. The Erosion Control Grant application process has two steps, first project proposals are submitted then reviewed for award selection, and second, complete grant applications are submitted for those proposals selected for award. The proposals submitted in the first step should follow the outline of the narrative proposal in the appropriate grant application checklist.  Proposals should be submitted with a prioritized list of project proposals submitted for grant funding and a matching funds spreadsheet. The complete applications submitted in the second step for proposals selected for award will contain all of the other required documents noted in the appropriate applications checklists.


Informational Documents and Guidelines

Grant Application Checklist

Matching Funds Spreadsheets



Erosion Control NEPA Guidance

Special Use Authorization Proposals and Applications


For additional information please contact:

Barbara Shanley at (530) 543-2657 or by email:

Genevieve Villemaire at (530) 543-2783 or by email:



Grant Application Guidelines

The Grant Application Guidelines page is a source where you can find application elements for construction and non-construction grants for the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act.

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