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Summer Recreation Residences

January 12- 13 Storm Damage Alert

The Downed Tree Clean-up Operating Plan provides the environmental requirements for remediation of downed trees on recreation cabins, driveways and walkways. If you have standing trees you believe to be a hazard on your recreation lot, please initiate a Hazard Tree Evaluation Request with your permit administrator for review.

The Zigzag Ranger District In-Kind & Quality Repair Operating Plan provides the permit requirements for the repair of damage to recreation cabins, driveway gates and outbuildings not located within a Historic District or Tract.

If your cabin is 1) individually eligible for listing on the National Registry of Historic Places, 2) is located within a Historic Tract or District (contact your permit administrator if you need assistance determining the historical status of your cabin), or 3) has sustained damage to a conditionally accepted permit item, it requires review from District staff to facilitate an authorization for repair. Any work performed to the exterior of cabins located in Historic Districts or Tracts is required to follow the Mt. Hood Forest Design Guidelines for Historic Recreation Residences. Contact your permit administrator for individual project review and authorization for any repair to the recreation cabin, driveway gate and outbuilding.

Recreational Residences on Mt. Hood

There are 549 privately owned recreation cabins on National Forest System lands located in the Zigzag Ranger District.  The cabin program has been in existence since 1915 and provides a unique recreational experience. The land is not sold by the U.S. Forest Service, but rather a recreation lot administered with a Special Use Term Permit (not a lease and the permit is currently a 20 year term), and an annual land use fee paid by the cabin owner. Recreation residences are maintained by the occupant for personal, family, and guest enjoyment. They are not authorized for commercial use (vacation rental), or as a permanent residence, and do not provide exclusive use of the recreation lot for the permit holder. Recreation cabins may be rented (incidental rental as defined by the IRS) for no more than 14 days per calendar year and each rental requires authorization in writing from the District Ranger.

For more information please check out the links on this webpage or contact Realty Specialist Greg Martin at 503-622-2031 or jay.g.martin@usda.gov


2021 Land Use Fee- Billing Update

The Forest Service Special Uses National Billing Team (NBT) mailed out the 2021 Land Use Fees on November 14, 2020. If you have not received your 2021 Land Use Fee in the mail, email jay.g.martin@usda.gov and provide the permit holder name, road & lot, and auth. ID. We'll email you a PDF bill & payment instructions.‚Äč

Prospective and Current Owners and Realtors

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Projects Approval Requests are Accepted August 15 through November 15 of each year.

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Realty Specialist, Greg Martin: 
jay.g.martin@usda.gov  (503) 622-2031

Special Uses Program Manager, Nathan Fletcher:
nathan.fletcher@usda.gov  (503) 622-2030

Zigzag District Office: (503) 622-3191

Fire, Police, Medical Emergency: 911

Clackamas County Non-Emergency: (503) 655-8211

PGE Tree Hotline: (800) 544-1794