Working Together

Congress designated the USDA Forest Service as the lead federal agency for administration of the Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) National Historical Trail (NPNHT). The Forest Service partners with the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, local and state governments, Tribes, the Nez Perce Trail Foundation, and numerous organizations to coordinate the management and operation of the trail. Jurisdiction for managing segments of the NPNHT has been divided among the federal land agencies according to where NPNHT sections are located.

Contact information for agencies managing sections of the NPNHT can be found  here.

Volunteering and Getting Involved

The Nez Perce Trail Foundation (NPTF) is the Forest Service's major nonprofit partner in managing the trail. The NPTF website provides a wealth of information for volunteering for the trail, upcoming events, maps, virtual tours, photos, and other items.  Contact the NPTF at



This partnerships page has information regarding the Challenge Cost Share Program, NPNHT marking standards, and partner trail logo use.

The Partnership Resource Center provides online resources to build vibrant partnerships and effective collaboration for the nation's forests, grasslands, and other special places.  The website is a joint project of the National Forest Foundation and the US Forest Service:

Key Partner Links

Web links for key friends, partners, government entities, associated trails, tribal sites, university, and others we thought you might enjoy.


Tread Lightly! Lanches Stewardship Grant Program

The nonprofit organization Tread Lightly!® has a small grant program to support volunteer stewardship projects across the country.

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