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San Juan National Forest encompasses about 1.8 million acres in the southwestern corner of Colorado. Terrain ranges from high-desert mesas to alpine peaks, with thousands of miles of back roads and hundreds of miles of trails to explore. These federal lands are managed for multiple uses and visitors are asked to respect each other and the natural resources. The San Juan National Forest Headquarters is located in Durango, Colorado, with district offices in Bayfield, Dolores and Pagosa Springs.

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Come and enjoy the natural splendor of the San Juan Mountains and your public lands!

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Know Before You Go

  • Ice Lakes Area: Ice Lake area closure date has been extended to September 15, 2021. See Ice Fire Closure Map. This area includes, but is not limited to, Ice Lakes Trail, South Mineral Campground, and Clear Creek Road.
  • COVID Updates: Offices remain closed, operating virtually. Focus on recreating safely while protecting yourself, Forest Service employees and our volunteers. 
  • Current Fire Restrictions: No Fire Restrictions as of July 22, 2021. Please note, drought has a firm grip on Southwest Colorado and fire danger will soon be on the rise. Please practice fire safety precautions to prevent human-caused fires, and NEVER leave a campfire unattended. If it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave.  Never toss your cigarette butt on the ground. Be aware of the possible fire hazards from your vehicle: Be sure chains and other metal parts aren’t dragging from your vehicle, do not park on dry grass or brush as the hot exhaust can start a fire.

Road Condition

Road Conditions

Check out the up-to-date Forest Road conditions and surrounding mountain passes.

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Explore recreation opporunities, fire activity and more on our interactive visitor map. 

Passes and Permits Horses

Passes and Permits

Check out our annual Recreation Pass options. Determine if your trip requires any forest product, recreation or other permits.

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Know Before you Go

Brush up on your forest knowledge, regulations and more before your trip.



Southwest Colorado Project Areas

Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative: This initiative operationalizes USDA’s Shared Stewardship Strategy, drawing partners and their resources from across the state to treat priority landscapes at an unprecedented pace and scale. Together, the Initiative’s stakeholders have taken the groundbreaking approach of looking broadly across the entire state to set priorities and zooming in on places where wildfires and rapid population growth are putting our shared values at risk. 

Grasshopper Fen sedges

Wetland Restoration Work: Rare wetlands, such as the Grasshopper Fen, create unique ecosystems and take thousands of years to develop. In 2019, SJNF workers helped rehabilitate this damaged high elevation Fen. 

Hydrology spotlight

Get to Know Your Water: Have you ever wondered where your water comes from? When you turn on the tap, how long has your water traveled before it runs out of your faucet and into your water bottle? 


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