Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air and Rare Plants

Who We Are

The national office of the Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants program covers a wide variety of natural resource topics. Our staff are natural resource professionals with expertise across the range of topic areas. We provide support and coordination to the public and to the Forest Service regions, forests and districts. We have staff in Washington D.C. and in locations around the country.

Here you will find a taste of our diversity. The topic areas are designed with our various customers in mind. You are welcome to contact any of our staff directly.

Our official staff acronym is WFW. You may also see WFWARP on some of our pages or in communication with staff members.

Contact Us

Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants (WFW) 

Washington, D.C. Office
Author: Shelly Witt, National Continuing Education Coordinator, WFW staff
Email: switt01@fs.fed.us
Phone: 435-881-4203