The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area protects the spectacular canyon where the Columbia River cuts through the Cascade mountains - with cliffs and overlooks of Washington to the north and Oregon's mountains and waterfalls to the south. The Gorge is unique in its natural and cultural history, as well as its designation as a National Scenic Area

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Eagle Creek Fire Response

777 Road at Tanner Creek in May 2018

Learn about Eagle Creek Fire, recovery efforts, and the latest updates on what’s open. 

Find open trails in the Gorge

Cleanly swept trail in November 2018

View a current list of open recreation sites in the Gorge as well as areas that are still restricted.!ut/p/z1/hVDJDoIwEP0arsy4xBBv3IgRPLHNxRRTaRVaUqrEv7cJxpiI-G7ztpkMEBRAit1lzazUijVuLmlzXOKIMMBDFGUJxi8CIYfyW8_2b30iHaeLj7Qz4A-ELv53-7yB5utzoKkLP--H-YYk0i2HHVDd6Gp8WKiqVVADGX7mhhv_ZhwtrO22Hno4DIN_Yh0X2ihrmGx8bWoPG6muvS9sO1khdG-hmIxC16ZpgZc1VY_hCaBAmqM!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?pname=Columbia%20River%20Gorge%20National%20Scenic%20Area%20-%20Home%2F&navtype=forestBean&ss=110622&pnavid=null&navid=091000000000000&ttype=main&cid=null