Winter Sunset on Proxy Falls Trail, Willamette National Forest

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With over 1.6 million acres, the Willamette National Forest is home to eight wilderness areas, including the popular Three Sisters Wilderness and Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, a variety of backpacking and day hiking opportunities, waterfalls, wildflowers, mountain biking trails, boating, swimming and much more! The varied landscape of high mountains, narrow canyons, cascading streams, and wooded slopes offers excellent opportunities for visitors and make the forest valuable for many purposes. Learn More About The Forest.

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Opportunity for Willamette National Forest campground concession operation

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The Willamette National Forest has issued a pre-solicitation for the concession operation of campgrounds and other government-owned recreation facilities. The purpose of the pre-solicitation is to inform businesses and organizations of the upcoming campground concession opportunity.

Ornament Hunt and Sweepstakes Brings Holiday Cheer to the Willamette Valley

An ornament that says Willamette Valley on a rock with moss and ferns.

The Willamette Valley Visitors Association has launched its fourth annual ornament hunt on non-wilderness trails throughout the Willamette National Forest and a handful of trails in the Umpqua National Forest. The hunt encourages locals and travelers to connect with public lands and increase outdoor recreation activities. 

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Explore distinctive recreation opportunities on each of the four ranger districts. From camping to hiking to biking to boating and more...go play

Interactive Visitor Map

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The interactive visitor map lists recreation areas, roads and trail systems, so you can digitally explore and find your next adventure.


Recreation Conditions

Sahalie Falls tumbles over rocks surrounded by a lush green forest

Displays area conditions for all camping and cabins on the Willamette National Forest as well as popular recreation sites.

Accessible Adventures

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We strive to offer areas in the forest where everyone can experience the many natural wonders the area has to offer. Watch our Accessible Adventure Videos!ut/p/z1/jY8xD4IwEIV_iwMrd1FjiFs3YhQnAW8xrVTAQEtKteHfS8TEpRLfdi_f-5IDghxI8WddcltrxZvxPtPmssQpLMJjHKcJHj4FQvYG8EcYAv2znwFoXp8BgUeQ7r8CmDcksW4l7IDKRovpZabEKiqBjLxJI034MGNdWdv12wADdM6FZuCKq6KQog6vuvWtKt1byH1w155yvK9JDG7xAvRktZY!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?pname=Willamette%20National%20Forest%20-%20Home%2Frecreation%2Ftripplanning%2Fpointsofinterest%2Fsahalie_koosah.html&navtype=forestBean&ss=110618&pnavid=null&navid=091000000000000&ttype=main&cid=null