View of staff in uniform watching machinery clear debris.Virtual Ranger GraphicView of a burned log cut to clear a trail.



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Car-Free Options

A graphic drawing of a green bus.

Check out these car-free options and get familiar with their routes.

Safety Tips for Burned Areas

Trail in meanders through a burned area.

Learn more about post-fire hazards to watch for within the Scenic Area. 


Planifica Tu Viaje

Graphic of a clipboard and list.

Antes de ir a su viaje, lea esta información sobre cómo planificarlo.

Campfire Safety

Graphic of a campfire

Only you can prevent wildfires! Get tips from Smokey Bear.!ut/p/z1/jY_NC4JAEMX_lg4e2xmKQrotXSSsTn60l1jFdGM_RFel_z7RoIta7zAwjze_xwCDGJjmrci5FUZz2e83tr9vcBR18ep54QXPHwMhGgI4I4rA_rlfCLBlfARssiL0v4RfjBOwXJpkfJfqZOvmwKrskVVZRZqqtwtry4ODDnZdRzouJR9GKoUWKUmNcpAmprFBvT4apRot7IsUVk0SC1NbiOdIUKogxudOtj5dvQELkDFy/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?actid=null&pnavid=null&groupid=null&pname=Columbia%2520River%2520Gorge%2520National%2520Scenic%2520Area-%2520Home&recid=null&ttype=main&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&navid=091000000000000&ss=110622