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A child peeks out between tree branches with a lizard sitting on them.

Submit a story for this page through the contact form with "PRC Story Submission" in the subject line, and place your story in the comment box for review. In general, stories can be up to 600 words. You may also include a link to photos related to your story. Please include your phone number at the end of the story.  

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Creating Zones of Agreement in Montana

Montana Forest Restoration Committee at Coyote Forest

Collaboration led to restoration principles to guide efforts in Montana.

Four Forests Restoration Initiative

A fire smolders on the floor of the Kaibab National Forest.

The overall goal of the four forest effort is to create landscape-scale restoration approaches that will provide for fuels reduction, forest health and wildlife and plant diversity.


White Mountain Stewardship Contract Multi-Party Monitoring

A tree-covered mountain.

The White Mountain Stewardship Project is designed to restore forest health, reduce wildfire risk, reduce forest thinning costs to taxpayers and encourage new wood product industries.

RESTORE Episode 8: Indian Valley Meadow Restoration

Indian Valley has become degraded over the last century. A wide range of partners and individuals have come together to help the Forest Service restore the meadow.

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