The Nebraska & Samuel R. McKelvie National Forests, Buffalo Gap, Fort Pierre, & Oglala National Grasslands are located in the center and north border areas of Nebraska.
Where is this Forest?


Greater prairie chicken on the lekWelcome to the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands!

Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands are located in Nebraska and South Dakota, and hosts the historic Charles E. Bessey Tree Nursery and the National Grasslands Visitor Center. The forest consists of two national forests, three National Grasslands, the Hudson-Meng Education & Research Center, and partners with the Pine Ridge Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center.

The variety of recreation opportunities and diversity of natural resources makes Nebraska and South Dakota perfect places to explore, learn, and enjoy your National Forests and Grasslands.

Discover the Bison Bone Bed Mystery at Hudson Meng! 


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Overview map showing several western states and where the forest is located in SD and NE

Buffalo Gap National Grassland

  Nebraska National Forest at Halsey

Fort Pierre National Grassland

  Oglala National Grassland

Hudson-Meng Ed. & Research Center

  Samuel R. McKelvie NF

National Grasslands Visitors Center

  Toadstool Geologic Park

Nebraska National Forest at Chadron




Great Big Story on the Bessey Nursery

Charles R. Bessey Nursery

Fire, infestation, global warming—the forests of Colorado are in danger. Thankfully, there's Richard Gilbert at the Charles Bessey Tree Nursery. He manages a "forest" for fledgling trees destined for reforestation in the Rockies.


2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Cartoon drawing of a windmill at night

The Nebraska Sandhills were recently named the #4 spot in the nation for experiencing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

Passport Stop: Nebraska National Forest at Halsey

The Bessey Ranger District is part of Nebraska

We are pleased to be selected as a 2017 Nebraska Passport stop!