Partners in Wildland Fire


Because wildfires burn across boundaries, the Forest Service relies on the skills and assets of its partners to manage fire throughout the country.

Through partnerships, the Forest Service provides grants to help communities train firefighters, buy firefighting equipment, and develop community wildfire protection plans. Some of our best tools are the partnerships we develop with others – not only with states and other federal agencies, but with the military, local governments, and non-governmental organizations, such as homeowner associations and the Nature Conservancy. Aircraft, engines, and hand tools are important, but partnerships are our greatest assets.


International Partners in Fire

Working with Australia

The Forest Service collaborates with countries all over the world in the management of wildland fire.

Helping the Nation Prepare for and Respond to Emergencies

Under the National Response Framework, the Forest Service helped the Nation prepare for a potential

Did you know that the Forest Service helps the Nation respond to real or potential emergencies, from wildfires to presidential inaugurations? 



During an especially busy wildfire season, the Forest Service can activate a standing agreement with the Department of Defense for firefighting assistance.