Working in Wildland Fire


Working in wildland fire is strenuous, exciting, and meaningful. It's work that matters!

Whether thinning a pine forest or protecting communities from wildfire, men and women who work in wildland fire have to think on their feet and work as a team. Rookie firefighters learn how to use two-way radios, build fireline, mop up hot spots, and rehabilitate areas after the fire is out. Advanced firefighters learn more, particularly how to conduct firing operations. In firing operations, firefighters ignite controlled fires to restore fire-adapted ecosystems, reduce flammable fuels, and even manage wildfires. Firefighters must follow a chain of a command and be able to hike long distances and carry supplies. All firefighters are trained to make safety the highest priority.  There are a variety of jobs in wildland fire.




The Forest Service and its interagency partners employ hotshot crews to help manage complex wildfires. If you’re interested in becoming a Hotshot, click here for a listing of superintendents and captains.