Sustainable Recreation

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The growing challenge of sustaining outdoor recreation opportunities requires a clear national vision and a bold strategy to meet the environmental, social, and economic needs of present and future generations. We can no longer manage as we have in the past. Any course we choose cannot depend solely on appropriated funding to meet our constituents’ needs.


The strategy presented below will help us unite diverse interests, create and strengthen partnerships, focus scarce resources on mission-driven priorities, connect recreation benefits to communities, provide for changing urban populations, and most importantly, sustain and expand the benefits to America that quality recreation opportunities provide.


Our Vision … “Renewing Body and Spirit, Inspiring Passion for the Land”

We provide recreation on treasured lands that brings health and vitality to individuals and communities and showcases our country’s natural abundance. Recreation on the National Forests and Grasslands invokes feelings of connection to the natural world and inspires responsibility to care for it.


Framework for Sustainable Recreation

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USDA Forest Service’s Framework for Sustainable Recreation will help shape recreation’s role in promoting forest and grassland health and in advancing and strengthening the vitality of communities that are adjacent to National Forests.