Geospatial Data

The Forest Service seeks to apply Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to integrate spatial (geographic) and tabular data from a variety of sources to allow Forest and Grassland staff to model real and theoretical situations to support planning and management of resources.

You can find GIS data libraries on many individual Forest websites as well as in the following data collections: 

  • The   FS Geodata Clearinghouse publishes a variety of FS data and map products produced by various Forest Service programs for use in land management planning, research, fire management, forest and grassland management on individual forest units and for national programs.
  • The Watershed Condition Framework includes Watershed Condition Classification Maps that characterize the health and condition of National Forest System lands in the more than 15,000 watersheds across the country.
  • The Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) provides a variety of data and services to support field units in applying the most advanced geospatial technology toward improved monitoring and mapping of natural resources.
  • The Geospatial Service and Technology Center (GSTC) also provides a range of geographic information products and related technical and training services, many of which are catalogued in the  FS Geodata Clearinghouse


Policy and Guidelines