Vegetation Ecology

Pictures of rangelands and mountains.

Native rangeland vegetation is the key resource upon which rangelands are built. The Forest Service is involved with inventory, classification, and monitoring rangelands vegetation. We attempt to restore rangeland ecosystem functions when we identify unhealthy conditions.

  • Ecological Classification
    The ecological classification method of monitoring rangeland plant communities by seral stage was developed by Dr. Daniel Uresk, Senior Research Biologist for the U.S. Forest Service.
  • Inventory
    Rangeland vegetation is classified and inventoried to better understand rangeland ecosystems.
  • Monitoring
    Monitoring involves collection of basic environmental information to evaluate forest and grassland conditions to assess the effects of activities.
  • Rangeland Restoration
    Restoring rangeland ecosystems is one of the most critical challenges facing rangelands managers.
  • Partnerships
    Enhancing and restoring rangeland ecosystems includes working cooperatively with our partners and the public.