Forest Health Management

We work in partnerships to prevent, suppress and slow-the-spread of native and nonnative forest insects, pathogens, and invasive plants affecting urban, rural, and wildland forests.

Current Forest Health Conditions

Forest Health Conditions

National and Regional Reports
The Forest Service has a framework for reporting forest health conditions across the United States which is reflected by the organization of the reports accessible from this site.

Invasive Species Management

Invasive Species: bull thistle

Invasive Species Program Goal
The goal of the USDA Forest Service invasive species program is to reduce, minimize, or eliminate the potential for introduction, establishment, spread, and impact of invasive species across all landscapes and ownerships.

Native Insects & Diseases Management

Native Insects and Diseases

Native Insects & Diseases
Non Native species often have a significant impact on newly invaded environments. Due to factors relating to host resistance and a lack of established natural enemies, introduced (non-native) organisms often display a propensity for rapid population growth and expansion.


International Activities

International Activities World Map

FHP International Activities seek to address issues of introduction of invasive forest insects, plants, and diseases into the United States, develop robust forest health protection programs throughout North America, seek biological control options for potential pest species, and share forest health technology and expertise worldwide.


Technical Assistance

We provide technical information and advice on the various techniques available to maintain healthy forests.