Technology Development

FHTET Logo The Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team was created by the Deputy Chief for State and Private Forestry in February 1995 to develop and deliver forest health technology services to field personnel in public and private organizations in support of the Forest Service's land ethic, to "promote the sustainability of ecosystems by ensuring their health, diversity, and productivity."

The Enterprise Team has two components. The core component, sponsored by Forest Health Protection, supports the Forest Service in meeting its legal mandate for the protection of forest health. The entrepreneurial component builds the team's capacity to fulfill its mission by providing services on a cost-reimbursable basis.



  FHTET Extensions Insect, Pathogen, and Ecophysiology Models   Western Root Disease Model ( Annosus, Heterobasidion annosum, Armillaria spp

Program Areas

  The Forest Health Technology and Enterprise Team consists of two units, Information Technology and treatment Technology, each with specific program areas of emphasis for developing and adapting technology to foster the health of America's forests