Forest Health Aviation

The Forest Health Protection (FHP) staff of the USDA Forest Service is responsible for pest detection, reporting and forest management and support concerning federal, state and private lands. FHP aviation programs include insect and disease surveys, aerial photography and aerial application to assist federal and state partners and the public in meeting forest health objectives. Of key interest:

  1. Personnel and public health and safety
  2. Healthy forests now and into the future

The primary function of FHP aviation is to implement safe and efficient operations considering state of the art tools, technology, and philosophy embracing the principles of sound risk management applied throughout the system. The purpose of this website is to provide information pertaining to aviation safety and management, training, events and current activities relating to FHP aviation programs.


FHP Aviation Program

FHP Aviation Program The Forest Health Protection (FHP) Aviation Program uses rotor and fixed-wing aircraft for aerial application, aerial photography and aerial sketchmap surveys