Visitor Safety

People walking through a trail

When visiting our National Forests and Grasslands remember to always be aware, alert and cautious. Some visitors have different agendas besides relaxation, exploration and recreation. These agendas may include drug production, theft, arson, and other illegal acts. Avoiding these areas if discovered is the safest course of action. Report sightings to local law enforcement personnel only after you have relocated to a safe area.

Illegal border crossers have been suspected of running drugs, injuring government employees and causing major wildfires. Besides carrying ammunition and guns, they also can carry tents, propane cylinders and other flammable agents. Improperly used these items can be sources of ignition causing forest fires. These illegal inhabitants can become dangerous if they feel threatened and should be avoided.

Marijuana plots and methamphetamine labs have become frequent sites in our forests. Those responsible for these illegal plots or labs are dangerous and should be avoided. If visitors inadvertently come upon these sites they should immediately depart the area and report the sighting to law enforcement officers. The chemicals used to grow or produce these illegal products can be highly combustible and pose considerable risk to hazards caused by fire and explosion.