Fish Facts

More People Go Fishing Than Any Other Wildlife/Fish Recreation Activity...

  • From 1980 to 1990, recreational fishing participation increased by 20%.
  • 35.6 million people, 1 out of every 5 U.S. citizens, enjoy fishing.
  • More recreational fishing occurs on Forest Service lands (over 37 million days) than on any other Federal lands.

This Translates to incredible Economic benefits to National, State, and Local Economies...

  • Fishing contributes more to the Gross National Product than timber production.
  • In 1994, national recreational fishing expenditures exceeded $24 billion - $1.8 billion on National Forest Service lands.
  • In 1994, Forest Service related recreational fishing provided over 64,000 full time equivalent jobs - such as guides, restaurant, hotel operators.
  • In 1994, Forest Service related recreational fishing generated State sales tax, State income tax, and Federal income taxes of $82.2 million, $17.2 million, and $160.3 million, respectively.
  • The 1995 Forest Service Congressional Fisheries budget of $39.51 million resulted in net public recreational fishing benefits of $1.5 billion - a return of over $38 for each tax dollar invested.
  • In 1995, partners contributed $8.4 million toward 800 projects in the Forest Service "Rise to the Future" fisheries program.

Closer to Home...

  • The National Forest System encompasses about 2.1 million acres of fishable lakes, ponds, and reservoirs and 200,000 miles of perennial streams.
  • Between 1977-1993, the commercial salmon harvest from the Tongass National Forest averaged 120 million pounds per year with an average annual earnings of $66 million. Annual subsistance harvest of salmon in Southeast Alaska is in excess of 1.2 million pounds.
  • Between 1984-1993, the number of sport anglers in Southeast Alaska increased by 62%.
  • A $205,900 fish habitat improvement project on the Chewalla Lake on the Holly Springs National Forest, MS, has the potential to attract 20,000 visits - a net value of $1 million.
  • The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival WA, a 4-day event, attracts 13,000 visitors to celebrate the return of the salmon.
  • More than 88,000 children and adults took part in over 300 Forest Service-sponsored National Fishing Week events in 1995.
  • Each year 120,000 visitors learn about stream ecology through the Kokanee Salmon Education Program at Lake Tahoe, NV.