Fishing Your National Forests

Who owns some of America's finest streams and lakes?

YOU DO! Over 150,000 miles of streams and 2.5 million acres of lakes found on your national forests and grasslands! We encourage you to enjoy the world-class recreational fishing opportunities.

World-class fishing depends on world-class habitats, and the USDA Forest Service together with other federal, state and local partners, is working hard to protect, restore and enhance your streams and lakes.

We Do Fish!

Welcome to the National Fisheries Program of the USDA Forest Service's Washington Office. Here is an overview of the recreational fishing opportunities on YOUR National Forests of the country.

Here you will find information on the latest strategic developments in your National Fisheries Program and information on the staff at the Washington Office. As you review this site, you will find that not all forests are presently available. As Forests are online, we will make them available.

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