Publications & Literature

WO WFW Publications: Articles, documents and other publications produced by WFW units and associated teams.

Sources for Finding Literature

WO WFW Fish:

American Fisheries Society Journals - Available to USDA Forest Service employees through the National Forest Service Library (internal site).

DigiTop: USDA Digital Desktop Library electronic access to journals, newspapers, databases, resources, etc.
For status on FS requests visit 'DigiTop for USFS'
Must access using a USDA computer; FS computers are part of the USDA network

User hint: Search engines, (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, AllTheWeb, HotBot, etc.) will search DigiTop for specific articles or topics if you search from your USDA computer/account. Great success is reported with "Google Scholar". One literature hunting novice was thrilled to find needed articles quickly with very little human guidance.

National Forest Service Library: Newly restructured! Library services are now available to ALL Forest Service employees on the internal site. Society journal subscriptions are available through the library -- especially if you help sponsor the subscriptions. Got end of year funds? NFSL can apply funds to your favorite society journal subscription.

NFSL provides searches for FS and external articles or books, view publications that are currently available to the FS, order articles that are unavailable (for free), or have a FS librarian help with your search. The site also provides a monthly alert of new publications and has links to other publication websites.

USFS employees only

FS Publications: US Forest Service publications including Directives, Manuals, and Handbooks; general publications, articles and reports; and links to FS research publications.
Open to everyone

USFS Tree Search: Forest Service Research Publications: Treesearch is an online database for USDA Forest Service publications; including GTR publications. All Treesearch publications were written or produced by Forest Service personnel and are in the public domain. Integrated into FS INFO database.
Open to everyone.