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Photo of a man fly fishing on the Green River. Photo of a person in a pontoon boat floating down the Green Rvier and fishing. Photo of a group of people fishing the Green River from a drift boat. Photo of a net being used to land a Rainbow trout that has been caught on the Green River. Photo of a family with the kids holding up the fish they caught for the day at Moose Pond. Photo of a boy fishing with his mothers help during the 2005 Youth Fishing Derby at Moose Pond. Photo of an aerial view of Flaming Gorge Reservoir Photo of Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Photo of Middle Fork Sheep Creek near through Raptor Park Photo of North Fork Sheep Creek above Hickerson Park. Photo of an upper reach South Fork Sheep Creek. h of South Fork Sheep Creek. Photo of an upper reach of Daggett Creek. Photo of Kokanee in Sheep Creek Photo of Sheep Creek Photo of West Fork Carter Creek just above the Carter Creel Canal Beaver Creek through Sheep Creek Park.

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