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Insects & Diseases

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Boxelder bug is a seed-feeding insect that may overwinter in and around buildings Tents indicate western tent caterpillar infestation, viewed from within an aspen stand Mature larvae of western tent caterpillar Mature larva of the western pine tussock moth Pupa of large aspen tortrix protruding from leaf shelter Mature, light green larva of large aspen tortrix Serpentine leaf mine with central line made by larva of Phyllocnistis populiella on quaking aspen Pinyon ips adult (Ips confusus) Top-kill from Ips pini attack Smaller European elm bark beetle egg gallery Close-up of infected spruce needles (broom rust) sporulating Pitch tubes on pinyon pine from attack by Pityophthorous spp.(twig beetles) Overwintering or “feeding galleries” of pinyon ips class of people looking at uprooted blue spruce Western spruce budworm damage

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