Cankers and Rust Mortality

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Photo: Cankers at the base of two pines inoculated at Dorena Photo: Sugar pine in SY1991 living with large bole canker near the base of the trunk. Photo: Close up of bole canker near the base of a sugar pine. Photo: Stem infections yellow in color of blister rust on western white pine seedling Photo: Bark Reaction on sugar pine tree, a scared area with pitch coming out of it. Photo:Large white pine blister rust infections on western white pine Photo: White pine blister rust canker on surviving western white pine tree. Photo:White pine with blister rust canker on trunk. Photo: Blister rust forming on tree trunk, changing part of tree trunk to a light orange. Photo: Close up of Blister rust on tree trunk Photo:blister rust forming on tree trunk changing the color to a light orange with a pen  next to it Photo: Diamond shaped blister rust on tree trunk orange in color. Photo: Blist rust on base of tree trunk. Photo: Blister rust on tree trunk. Photo: Blister Rust on base of tree trunk forming small yellow blisters. Photo: Close up of Blister rust on tree trunk, yellow blisters...

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