Whitebark Pine

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Photo: Whitebark pine stand on rocky hillside the rock is reddish, with mountains and valley behind. Photo: Resistant/non-resistant whitebark pine seedlings in a square planter. Photo: Close up of Whitebark pine needle with lesions that are yellow on it caused from blister rust Photo: Close up of young whitebark pine seedllings in containers some having blister rust signs. Photo: Blister rust canker on whitebark pine seedling. Photo: Whitebark pine seedling with multiple stem canker ~18 months after inoculation. Photo: Close up of Whitebark Pine Seeds in Cone. Photo: Close up of diseased whitebark pine multiple cankers caused from blister rust. Photo: Close up of Whitebark pine cone. Photo: Two groups of Whitebark pine seeds, color variation in seed from two parent trees. Photo: Two-year old whitebark pine seedlings in inoculation chamber at Dorena GRC Photo: Whitebark pine at sunrise at Crater Lake National Park sun is to the right coming up. Photo: Whitebark pine growing out of rock with Crater Lake in background. Photo: Whitebark pine with other trees and valley behind. Photo: Whitebark pine with other trees near it. Photo: Whitebark pine with dead top.

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