Rattlesnake National Recreation Area & Wilderness

Rattlesnake Nat'l Rec Area & Wilderness

Photo Gallery

Photo of rounded hillsides in the low-angled sunlight. Area in the foreground is in shadow. Photo of an alpine lake. Trees and craggy mountain in the background. Photo of steep peaks and snow. Photo of a lake nestled in the mountains. Snow at the shoreline in this photo. Photo of a lake nestled among craggy, alpine mountains. Photo of a creek meandering through and over rocks. Trees on the creek banks. Photo of people, dogs, and cars at the parking lot. Photo of a yellow flower hanging down from the slim stalk and leaves. Pine needles at the base of the plant. Photo the top of a valley. Autumn colors on the hillsides. Photo of a lake cradled between craggy cliffsides and shores with alpine trees. A dusting of snow covers all.