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Mcknight fire lookout cabin in black range. Drilling rock by hand to be blasted. Willow creek-white creek trail. Camp for elk mountain truck trail construction. Section of trail between mogollon baldy and center baldy, a 1922 project. Ranger repairing a telephone line while standing on his horse. A civilian conservation corps directional sign used on gila national forest. Prehistoric cliff dwellings in beaverhead canyon. Trail riders resting at gila cliff dwellings The beaverhead ranger station. Luna ranger station layout showing some of the new standard plan buildings that came into >next</span> <span class=nav><a href=gil018_jpg.htm>previous | <a href=../index.htm>home | <a href=gil020_ >previous | <a href=../index.htm>home | <a href=gil021_jpg.htm>next</span> Fire guards going to a fire on foot. The "universal outfit" for rangers.

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